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Grand Caverns & Fountain Cave

  • Tour 1: Grand Caverns. Price $18 for adults and $11 for children 6 to 12. A stately and powerful example of Nature's handiwork. Gigantic stalactites point down from above. Equally imposing stalagmites thrust upward from the caverns floor. Cathedral Hall, 280 feet long and over 70 feet high, is one of the largest rooms of any cavern in the East. Massive columns, beautiful draperies rippling flowstone, and rare "shield" formations create a variety of fascinating sights. The famous Bridal Veil, Stonewall Jackson's Horse, and a peek at Dante's Inferno provide memories too good to miss. 70 minute tour

  • Tour 2: Fountain Cave. Price $50. Then come join us at Grand Caverns and do an Adventure tour through our sister cave named Fountain Cave. It is a previous commercial cave that has not been open to the public for almost 100 years! There are no lights inside the cavern and the only thing that remains is a once used beaten 1800's pathway. The tour itself will take between 2-3 hours and will require some strenuous activity. There are opportunities for advenurous climbing and crawling, however if you are more reserved you can stay on the 1800s path with one of the two tour guides. Please be aware that if you have health problems or tire quickly, this may be questionable for you.

  • Include a box lunch with your adventure for $10 extra. Lunch provided by Greenwood Gourmet Grocery.


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